Tim DiFrancesco, LA Lakers Strength & Conditioning Coach, joins the team today! Showing you 5 simple warm up drills that can be done literally ANYWHERE.

He begins by highlighting the IMPORTANCE of warming up so you can avoid injury. Safe warm ups make sure that you are able to perform on the level you want!

5 Warm Up Drills that you can do ANYWHERE:

Coach Time Starts off with the Quadruped Hip Raise: 

This starting warm up drill is aimed to strengthen the glutes & fire up the hips. You want to make sure they are both ready to go when it’s GAME TIME. The key to this warm up is to make sure to keep your chest off the floor, raise one of your hips up WITHOUT moving anything else on your body. Make sure to do 2-3 sets of 20 reps on each side. PERFECT starting warm up.

Next is the Bear Crawl: 

This warm up ACTIVATES the CORE muscles, warming up the upper body, as well as the lower body. Begin by getting on all fours, raising your knees off the ground 2-3 inches, & then stepping with the opposite arms leg. You can also reverse this warm up, crawling backwards. Again, make sure to keep your core & other muscles are STILL. If you’re on a basketball court, you can measure this exercise by doing it from the base line to the free throw line. You can then reverse the routine.

Proceed on to the Stretched Hip Flexor:

Get into the long step position, back leg straight, stretching out the hip flexor, opening up the chest. Make sure to follow you hand with eyes as you stretch it up. Finish by dropping down to one knee, then coming to a stand up position pulling the knee of the leg that was straightened behind you up towards your chest. This warm up conditions the hips to be STRONG while also working on one of the most important parts of your game- BALANCE. Make sure to do 8 reps on each side, 2 sets.

Afterwards, go directly into the Lateral Lunge with Rotation:

Basketball doesn’t just happen straight ahead, it happens side to side, all different plans, all different angles.” In this exercise, take the position of the lunge step to the side, straightening opposite leg. Then open up the chest, extending the hand & arm on the side of the straightened leg. Assist your stretching by using the hand and arm on the side of the lunged leg to push the knee. Repeat with 10 reps on each side, 2 sets.

Finish with the Single Leg Heel Raise:

It’s important to have strong ankles, strong calves, & strong lower legs. This final warm up covers all of that. Find some empty wall space, placing your hands up against it, being draw one leg up, knee towards your chest, your heel back towards your butt. From there, raise up on your opposite leg, as high as you can, & then SLOWLY put your foot back onto the ground. Shoot for 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.


5 warm up drills that you’re capable of doing ANYWHERE!

This will make you AHEAD of the game with your head & body ALREADY IN the game.

As before, the most important thing is to PROTECT yourself from injury, so you can get your performance where you WANT and NEED it to be.

A big thanks to Coach Tim on his secrets to warm up success!

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Consider these tips & tricks us passing the ball to you, assisting & watching as you LEVEL UP!


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