Increase Your Vertical Jump with these 5 Explosive Core Exercises

Improve your Vertical Jump!

In the following video, Coach Josh shows you 5 really simple EXPLOSIVE core exercises. These 5, when practiced daily, without a doubt, will add inches to your vertical jump!

There are certain group of muscles that are associated to vertical jump. The MAIN ones are your CORE (abdominal muscles), your GLUTES (butt muscles), & your HIP FLEXORS (which is a sub group of muscles, such as the abuctors). The hip flexors extend from your hip down your upper leg. Each one of these training exercises focuses on those muscles, helping strengthen & condition them to help you on your road to reaching the rim.

Med Ball Rotations:

  • Improves stability in hips & abductors.
  • While doing this exercise it’s good to focus stability in your legs & ankles. In order to see improvement, you really need to get that strength in your legs, all the way up to your glutes. You can start without a med ball until you strengthen your core. An important thing to remember with this exercise is to STAY COMFORTABLE!
  • Start in lunge position with one leg forward. Holding the med ball out, you need to make sure your arms are FULLY EXTENDED. As you are rotating the ball from side to side, move your head with it. FIX your eyes on the ball & follow it with them. During this exercise, make sure that you are tightening your core, so you can maintain the position for the maximum potential of GAINS. You should really feel it pulling in your core & legs.
    • Remember: Slow rotation, move your head, brace your core.

Reverse Planks:

  • Extremely simple exercise that centers around STRENGTHENING your core & BRACING your glutes. This is essential for you to reach the next level with your vertical jump.
  • Coach Josh continues to stress that it is extremely important to squeeze the glutes in order to keep your hips and legs off of the ground. SO, SQUEEZE THOSE DAMN GLUTES!
  • To assume the position for this drill, get on your back, & with your forearms on each side stabilizing your body, squeeze your core & raise your butt, legs, & torso off the ground. Hold this position, while keeping the stressed muscles TIGHT!
    • NOTE: The only thing that should be touching the ground is your heels & your forearms. 

Reverse Plank with Leg Raises:

  • Really isolates the leg that is on the ground, helping bulk up the muscles necessary for the jump.
  • Assuming the position as the previous exercise. While continuing to keep it fully extended, raise it into the air as high as you can.
  • As you are raising your leg, continue to tighten up the core & glute muscles to keep you stable as you work on the isolated set of leg muscles on the ground.
  • It is simple & easy to do, but it’s extremely important if you’re serious about adding inches to your vertical.

Plank with Leg Raises

  • A classic exercise that makes sure everything is IN SYNC & WORKING TOGETHER.
  • Flip over on your stomach, & while using your forearms & the ball of your foot. Begin by lifting your entire body off of the ground & holding that position as you lift each leg, separately, off of the ground, as high as you can. Make sure to continue to keep each leg fully extended.
  • Coach’s Training Tip: Instead of focusing mainly on your glutes (still continue to squeeze them), concentrate on making sure your core stays TIGHT.

Plank with a Forward Step Variation:

  • Finally, a twist on a classic drill. This last exercise not only works your core & your glutes, it also works your HIP FLEXORS.
  • NOTE: If you have weak hips, you’ll notice that this will be particularly hard in the beginning. Stick with it though, it’s is great for getting you to the level you want to be at.
  • You’ll continue to stay in the same position as before. Begin by pulling your legs forward up towards your shoulders. Keep them OFF THE GROUND! You’ll be bracing your core to maintain the position, but you’ll feel the pull in your glute muscle group as you lift & keep your leg up & off of the ground.
  • AS ALWAYS, but especially with this variation, you’ll see progress the more you practice being be able to bring your leg up higher & higher!

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