Hey team! It’s Coach Rock! In this video, I share with you 3 different basketball moves that are going to help DESTROY your defender! All of these moves are considered non-traditional. They are my personal remix on some classic moves. Unique & simple to do, they extremely effective once you master them.

After the video, make sure to stay tuned on how to get my free ball handling and footwork mastery guide. The tips that you see in this video combined with the video you’ll find in the link will make your ball handling and footwork the best on the court.

The first of my 3 basketball moves is a variation of the bounce crossover:

Next is the Fake Shammgod mixed with an Isaiah Thomas Hesitation:

Want to make yourself Unguardable? This last move, a pull up variation with scissor footwork, is a personal favorite of mine.

Here is a link to my free Ball Handling & Footwork video that is going to allow you to be a bigger threat off of the dribble against your opponent. In this video, you’ll see even more basketball moves to help greatly improve your game. I STRONGLY recommend you take advantage of this. Most of these techniques I have NEVER released to the public before. I saved them for my most dedicated & self motivated players. If you consider yourself among their ranks, watch it. Study it. Apply it.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on what you’d like to see from myself or any of the other coaches, send us a message or comment. You’re a part of our team, we need your guidance & direction as much as you need ours.

See you on the court,

Coach Rock

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