3 WEIRD basketball moves that are ANKLE BREAKERS!

Hey team! It’s Coach Rock! In this video, I share with you 3 different basketball moves that are going to help DESTROY your defender! All of these moves are considered non-traditional. They are my personal remix on some classic moves. Unique & simple to do, they extremely effective once you master them.

After the video, make sure to stay tuned on how to get my free ball handling and footwork mastery guide. The tips that you see in this video combined with the video you’ll find in the link will make your ball handling and footwork the best on the court.

The first of my 3 basketball moves is a variation of the bounce crossover:

  • The original bounce crossover is a move when you rapidly switch the ball from one hand to another. The key to this trick is to simultaneously transferring your weight to the opposite side of your body than the hand that the ball began in as you pass the ball over to that side.
  • Once you’ve mastered the crossover, add in the quick machine gun dribble as you switch hands with the ball. This maneuver really throws off your opponent’s focus on the ball, but mainly distracts him from your handling & footwork. That one split second when you add in the machine gun dribble makes all the difference. It literally changes your entire game. It buys you some precious time, causing your defender to FREEZE. Once he freezes, there are several different basketball moves that you can do, such as choosing which side to go. Take advantage of those of the time you’ve bought yourself.
    • For those of you who aren’t familiar with the machine gun dribble, it’s two dribbles before the ball is passed over to your other hand. If the crossover is already in your arsenal of moves, the bounce crossover with the machine gun dribble is a good way to switch it up. It throws your defender off what they think is your ball handling style. It spices up your move, confusing your opponent.

Next is the Fake Shammgod mixed with an Isaiah Thomas Hesitation:

  • The original shammgod is a move where you drop the ball in front of you, away from your body, but still within your reach & control. You then with the same hand bring the ball back, and switch to the free hand, pulling the ball back towards your body.
  • Adding in the hesitation, you then give the ball back to the hand (and side) in which you first dropped the ball, allowing you to keep your body and back towards the defender & the ball far out of his reach. Notice my footwork, you want to make sure you are shuffling the ball & your feet AWAY from the defender, putting your back between him and the ball.
  • This move is only effective if you can mix in the hesitation. drop, boom, tap, & GO. Crab dribble, tap the ball, & then shift your body back QUICKLY. Speed and agility are VITAL to mastering this move. Mixing quick body movement with that small hesitation, will make all the difference when it comes to your ball handling & footwork.

Want to make yourself Unguardable? This last move, a pull up variation with scissor footwork, is a personal favorite of mine.

  • More often than not, you’ll see a player shoot a hesitation pull up with their left hand while having their left foot forward. This move is a variation of that, but with a bit of change in the footwork. Basically the same move, but instead of having the corresponding foot of the hand that is holding the ball forward, you have the opposite. So if the ball is in your right hand, your left foot is forward. On the bounce, you then shift from your left foot being forward to now your right foot is leading.
  • You will have completely shifted your hips into scissors maneuver. I refer to the scissors movement in many of my other videos such as Scissors Dribble & Stationary Scissor Shift.
  • This move stuns your defender. It opens up options for you to throw in another one of your favorite basketball moves. Gives you the ability to throw in a hesitation or a crossover & go. Quick shift & tap of the feet stuns your defender. Buying you extra time. Take advantage of it.

Here is a link to my free Ball Handling & Footwork video that is going to allow you to be a bigger threat off of the dribble against your opponent. In this video, you’ll see even more basketball moves to help greatly improve your game. I STRONGLY recommend you take advantage of this. Most of these techniques I have NEVER released to the public before. I saved them for my most dedicated & self motivated players. If you consider yourself among their ranks, watch it. Study it. Apply it.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on what you’d like to see from myself or any of the other coaches, send us a message or comment. You’re a part of our team, we need your guidance & direction as much as you need ours.

See you on the court,

Coach Rock

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