Basketball Moves & Drills To Shoot Better and Score More Points!

In this video, we show you one our team’s most effective basketball shooting drill. Well, correction, it’s more of a scoring drill, because ultimately, that’s what you really want to do. SCORE MORE POINTS! We want to give you the skills necessary to up your point percentage per game.

Basketball Shooting Drill Break Down:

  • There are 5 spots: both corners, both wings, & top of the key from 3. Note: this basketball shooting drill works better if you have a rebounder, allowing you more reps, but if you don’t, no worries. A LOT of times we find ourselves grinding on our own, so whether or not you have a partner, you’re either getting more running conditioning in or more shots at the basket. This drill, no matter what the circumstances, is a win-win.
  • Again, 5 spots, 3 shots at each:
    • 3 pointer
    • dribble pull up
    • lay up shot

  • A total of 30 points:
    • 3 pointer worth 3
    • Pull up jump shot worth 2
    • Lay up worth 1

  • Go around & through it the drill. At the end, your score will be out of 30 points. This is an EXCELLENT and ACCURATE way to gauge your scoring ability. Being able to achieve 25/30 means that you’re performing at a NBA level, scoring 20/30 is college level, & anything under 20 is something that as an offensive player, you need to work on. This is a quality drill that gives you the ability to see yourself improve, working towards & consistently maintaining scores above 20. Mastering this exercise will undoubtedly make you a HUGE THREAT on the court.
  • Again, you can play this drill with friends! Or honestly, anyone on the court. Competition is competition. Practice until you’re the HIGHEST SCORING SHOOTER on the court.
  • MAKE SURE to put PRESSURE on each shot because EVERY SHOT MATTERS.

Key focuses:

-When shooting the 3s:

  • Practice bounce rolling the ball to yourself, especially when you don’t have a passer playing with you. This will help you get comfortable when stepping into your shot. Begin with one foot forward (your weak foot), & your strong foot back behind you. After you bounce pass the ball to yourself, get into your shot position.

-When you get into the pull up shots:

  • You can go either way, but it’s important to make sure that you are switching it up with each attempt. When you are shooting on the left corner and wing, attack the left elbow, when you are shooting on the right, attack the right. When shooting at the top of the key, attack either one. Practice BOTH. TIP: Try adding in a pump fake, a little jab, or a hesitation before you take your shot & fire up your shooting style. Make it look & feel game-like. The more you practice perfecting those fakes, jabs, & hesitations before your shot, the more comfortable you’ll feel doing them on the court with a defender in front of you. An important thing to remember with the pull up is to COVER GROUND! Don’t just take a half step in front of you and then take your shot. MOVE DOWN THE COURT. Get to that elbow! That’s the whole point. Situate yourself in a position to make that shot.

-Same rule applies to the lay up:

  • Practice a move! Get into your lane & make your shot. The more you practice each one of your moves, the more they come natural to you in a pressure situation on the court.

One benefit of this drill is the ability to really separate & focus on different aspects of your shooting style. For example, on the first set, you can shoot all your pull up shots & layups with your left hand. When you get to the second set, shoot off of your right hand. This really allows you to get in those extra reps, strengthening both sides. There are a lot of variations to this drill. You can continue to tweak your shot, which in turn can really up your game, making it unique on the court.

That’s it for this video!


This basketball shooting drill will really help you on the road to being the highest scorer on the court, not only in 1 shot, but in multiple. Dedicating yourself to mastering each one of your shots & then combining them with unpredictable, deliberate moves will make you an elite player & performing on the level that you want to be.


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