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What Will The Dunk Project Do For You?

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ILB Vertical Jump Coach Steven Celi

Boost ALL Aspects of Your Jumping Ability!

Training your vertical leap is a PROJECT that has many variables - you can't just rely on one aspect of training to reach your goals...

...inside of The DUNK Project you're going to work LIVE with ILB Elite Coach Steve Celi to enhance ALL areas of your athletic performance, nutrition, and mindset!

Jump Technique

Discover the fundamentals of jumping which can INSTANTLY unlock 2 to 6 inches of vertical hiding inside of you!

Athleticism & Speed

Enhance your EXPLOSIVENESS and QUICKNESS and become a more dynamic athlete - both on and off the court!

Physical Strength

Develop your physical strength with exercises PROVEN to make you more powerful and jump HIGHER.

Mentality & Mindset

Cultivate the right MINDSET for reaching your goals so that you break through limits and keep pushing higher and higher!

Nutrition & Wellness Habits

Explore the proper nutrition and wellness habits that will give you more energy, focus, and performance!

Prehab & Rehab

Prevent COSTLY injuries and setbacks by adding simple and effective routines to your workouts!

How it Works


Join The DUNK Project for 2 Weeks for just $1 by clicking any of the buttons on this page!


Mark your calendars for Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm Eastern Time (1pm Pacific Time) for Steve's LIVE 1-hour trainings.


Check your email for a Zoom link about 30 minutes before we get started that day and be ready to train!


Pop open a device and jump in the Zoom meeting at the scheduled time! All you need is some space to move around ✅


If you want to keep training after the 2 weeks is over...'ll be conveniently enrolled in the community and keep working with Steve! If not - just send us an email and we'll remove you from the community.

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What if you Miss a Workout?

We've got your back! By joining The DUNK Project community - you're getting a PRIVATE membership portal to watch all of the recorded trainings so you can keep IMPROVING no matter what gets in the way!
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