You jump up to finish a lay up only to be hit in the air.

You lose your balance and feel out of control. You’re not sure how to finish effectively so you hurl the ball at the basket only to miss. To add insult to injury, the ref doesn’t even call a foul, and you’re embarrassed by your missed shot.

Discover how to not RECEIVE the contact, but DELIVER the contact, forcing the ref to blow the whistle WHILE giving you simple and consistent finishing opportunities. Not only will you finish more against tough defenders, you’ll get more “And-1s” than ever before.


Once you get into the paint, you often run into a tall defender in your path ready to block your shot. They’re bigger than you, stronger than you, taller than you, and difficult to score on. You’re not sure whether to shoot over them, or try and drive into them to get a foul called.

You try and sneak a lay up into the air quickly or shoot a floater over the top, or worse, you aren’t confident you can score so you dribble the ball back out or pass.

Having the proper “Giant Killer” finishing moves in your bag gives you floaters, up and unders, discovering how to use your body, and how to use the rim to “defend your defender” to give you safe and easy finishes.


You drive with your defender guarding you and as you near the basket you both jump. You have to instantly determine the BEST way to finish in the air against the defender without getting blocked or landing before you shoot.

Having limitless finishing techniques in your bag allow you to instantly know the MOST effective finishes in ANY finishing situation.


The most missed shot in basketball, sadly, is the lay up. Most players shave 6-10 points a game off their scoring average by not finishing consistently at the basket. Finishing is a skill that you MUST master to be an Elite Player, and to know shock, the best of the best are typically ELITE finishers, as it’s the EASIEST points in basketball.

We’ve gone to work to develop the ULTIMATE finishing program for you. If you’re a player who feels you could be better around the basket, struggle against contact or larger defenders, OR just wants to have the ULTIMATE finishing bag on the basketball court, then let me introduce you to…



Instantly develop the FOUNDATION to finishing used by the NBA’s best players. Discover proper footwork, body control, and the different types of “foundational” finishes you will master.

Not only will you make more lay ups immediately, but you’ll develop finishing moves like reverses, floaters, up and unders, and more.


Now your finishing foundation is in place, we will then install elite finishing moves for ANY situation. You’ll add our “Giant Killer” finishing moves to your bag so you can score on any defender, discover how to create unguardable contact and finish in ANY situation.

You’ll add ELITE finishing to your bag like the Bully Ball Finish, The Same Foot – Same Hand, Your Slide By Finishes, And your Quarter turn contact finish to name a few.


You become a FEARLESS Finisher by installing mastery to your finishing moves.

You’ll discover how to score against the best defenders in the world by having a deep back of the highest level of finishing moves.

LEVEL 3 Mastery gives you elite in game finishing capability that will stand our on ANY basketball court versus any level of competition.





You’ll first install the proper technique and footwork while discovering the situations when to effectively use each finish. Once the foundation is clear and you understand exactly when to use the proper finishes, you’re on your way to becoming an unstoppable finisher!



You’ll be given specific “easy to follow” drills to master each foundation until it becomes natural for you. By doing these drills, you’ll develop your technique, touch, and finishing IQ quickly, and begin pulling more advanced (but easy to finish) moves out of your bag in real games!



Keep adding finishing moves to your bag week after week until you’ve fully master them all, and are a FEARLESS FINISHER. Continue to add new moves and variations on top of your foundation from the training inside of Fearless Finisher! This system “teaches you how to fish” so to speak, as you’re getting ALL the tools needed to continue developing your finishing bag!

As you perfect your bag, make mental notes when you play of the different finishing situations you run into, and make sure you’re using the right moves for ALL situations.



NBA Skills trainer, Ryan Razooky is a world class basketball coach San Diego, California. Coach Razooky is the owner of the Hoop House, where he trains 100s of players every week, from beginning players up to High School, College, and NBA Elite Players!

Coach Razooky has amassed 10s of millions of views online from his elite basketball tutorials, drills, and training workouts, and is to if they want to play College or Professional basketball!

ILB Elite Shooting packages Coach Razooky’s complete shooting training into an easy to follow system you can do from anywhere!

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The BRAND New Fearless Finisher System is our first ever FINISHING focused system at ILB Elite. After years of research and determining the importance of FINISHING consistently, we’ve determined that finishing at the basketball IS a CORE skill you MUST master in basketball.

Fearless Finisher is a THREE LEVEL System that WILL develop your finishing consistency AND moves. Giving you confidence on what moves to finish with, how to finish successfully, and how to be efficient in ANY situation at the basket!

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All you need to get started is your basketball and a hoop with a small area to practice and install these finishes into your game! You don’t need any other equipment besides the hoop and your ball. You can work on these drills from your driveway, inside the gym, a local outdoor court, or anywehre you can hoop!

Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.