Take Your Guard Skills To The Next Level By Training With Two of 
the NBA's Top Guard-Focused Coaches



Elite guards play with different pace, IQ, speed, & skill compared to average guards.  These are skills you'll learn and develop working with Coach Handy & Nash.



Lack of Understanding Defensive Schemes

Multi-level understanding involving multiple defenders

A Full Bag from jump shots, to floaters, to "smart finishes"

Lack of Scoring Moves beyond jump shots and layups

Not only sees opportunity but can set up plays to take advantage

Lack of Seeing Opportunity on the Floor

Lack of skills to get away from their defender

Skills allow them to focus on the game and not their defender



The Only Coach in The NBA to currently have gone to 6 NBA Finals in a row, winning 3 NBA Championships with the Cavaliers, Raptors, and Lakers.  A sought after skills coach by the NBA's best guards, Coach Handy has worked with numerous All-Stars and Future Hall of Famers.

Former 2X NBA MVP, 8X NBA All-Star, and one of the most elite scoring and passing point guards ever to play. 

Steve is now the Head Coach of the Brooklyn Nets, using his high IQ to lead an electric team.


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This is the exact style of training, drills, and basketball coaching received by NBA players today.  We stand strongly by our training and the incredible results we deliver.  If you do the work, and aren't thrilled with the results, we'll give you every penny back.  Just email us at [email protected] within 60 Days of purchase to receive a full money-back refund.   

Two Elite Guard Coaches for Your Game.

Train your game inside of Nashty Skills with Coach Phil Handy & Steve Nash. Two of the NBA's top resources for elite guard play.

Ball Handling Skill Training

Scoring Moves and Situational Training

Basketball IQ and Pick and Roll Sets

Passing, Defensive Schemes, Strategy, & More...

Just One Payment of $197


What's Inside Nashty Skills

Between the Legs Euros
Side Step and Balanced Shooting
  1. Level 1 Fundamental Finishing

    Inside Level 1, you'll work alongside Phil and Steve to master different finishes you need in your game! Completing this level you'll have added different handle combinations, footwork, ball placement, and finishing combos to your game.

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  2. Level 2 | Shooting

    During Level 2 your shooting skills will be tested! Phil breaks down why being active and balanced is vital to shooting the basketball and you'll be taken through different drills and progressions to level up your shooting ability across the board 💯

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  3. Level 3 | Advanced Finishing

    Building on the fundamentals in Level 1, Advanced Finishing is going to upgrade your footwork and craftiness around the rim - guaranteeing you'll be able to finish in the lane no matter how the defense is playing you!

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  4. Level 4 | Handle and Pass

    Passing is THE most underrated and overlooked skill in today's game. Having mastered finishing, footwork, and shooting, inside Level 4 you'll discover the secrets and drills used by the best NBA point guards and add them to your game ✅

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  5. Level 5 | Read & React Point Guard Mastery

    Level 5 is where you become an ELITE guard. Inside this final stage, you'll boost your basketball IQ by discovering EXACTLY what 2-time MVP Steve Nash does to become the most effective player on the court. We'll cap off this stage by putting all of your acquired skills together in 'read and react' scenarios and put your skills through a final test!🔥

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Train Your Game with Steve Nash & Phil Handy

Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

5 Level Guard Training System:


In Level 5 of Nashty Skills, your training will adapt you into an ELITE guard. You'll discover and train the exact secret moves and strategies that Steve used to be the most effective player on the court! Not only will you combine all Levels and skills you've added to your game inside Nashty Skills! You'll be put through "Read and React" scenarios designed to challenge all 5 levels of your elite guard ability!

Unlike other programs where you follow drills and regurgitate moves, Nashty Skills develops your basketball IQ as you improve your game and become a "Free Thinker" on the court who can see, feel, and react in real time to benefit your team!

Level 5

Read & React Point Guard Mastery






Level 1 is the first step for every player! You'll work alongside Phil and Steve to master your fundamental finishing ability you NEED in your game. Completing this level, you'll have added a full bag of finishes to your aresenal and have confidence finishing around the rim!

Level 1

Fundamental Finishing


In Level 2- Phil and Steve break down why being an active and balanced shooter is vital to becoming an elite guard. You'll experience different drills and progressions to improve your shooting ability, shot speed, and more! Not only will you be a more dangerous offensive threat, but you'll open up the floor for assists and driving opportunities.

Level 2



In Level 3 you'll discover how to execute quick and precise footwork to get past your defender while also developing an elite craftiness to finish around the rim like an NBA Pro. With advanced finishing ability, you'll be able to confuse, trick, and outwit even the best shot blockers around the basket, and have the touch, finishing styles, and skill to finish consistently!

Level 3

Advanced Finishing


Here you'll develop two of the most important skills of elite guards: ball handling and passing. Passing is the most overlooked skill in the game today. You'll quickly discover that elite passing is THE difference between 'good' guards and GREAT guards.  Furthermore, you'll combine your new passing skills with elite handles to see the floor, move, and make PLAYS like a Pro!

Level 4

Handle & Pass