ILB Elite Shooting is the official jump shot and 3 point shooting training of I Love Basketball!

If you're serious about becoming an elite basketball player with a high converting jump shot, ILB Elite Shooting is for you!

You will be provided a complete workout plan that includes technique training, tactics, drills, and a full daily workout schedule.

Over 30 Days- you'll notice your shot consistency, distance, and make percentage increase at a shocking rate- as we bring your BEST jump shot out of you!

It doesn't just stop there! After 30 Days- ILB Elite Shooting continues to deliver through our Mastery Phase- which allows you to ascend your jumper with advanced NBA level shooting tactics, techniques, and moves!

ILB Elite Shooting delivers a step by step system that rebuilds your perfect shot from the ground up, in just weeks! 

Ever felt afraid to change or adjust your jumper? Well, don't worry- Coach Razooky's shot creation system will walk you through clear technique, tactics, and form shooting drills, that will allow you to find your perfect shot in just DAYS, not months or years!

ILB Elite Shooting is not a program, but a SYSTEM.

With a follow along daily shooting workout- you'll know exactly what drills to do, how many sets and reps to perform, and how to "lock in" your perfect jump shot form through professionally designed drills that focus on building long term muscle memory.

Soon you won't even have to THINK about your jump shot- it'll be naturally perfect- and effortless.

Once ILB Elite Shooting installs a perfect, fluid, and natural jump shot into your game, the next phase will focus on Mastery.

Shooting is more than just making shots. It's adding to your arsenal by improving your shooting range, speed of shooting form, etc.

When you reach the Shot Mastery Phase of ILB Elite Shooting- you're already a great shooter- but Mastery takes your shooting to an entirely new level!



  • Finding your PERFECT Jump Shot Technique.
  • Foundational High Percentage Shooting Tips, Tactics, and Techniques.
  • Build a Natural and Comfortable Jumper that FEELS Good, Goes In, and is Technically Sound!
  • Shooting is Muscle Memory.  By introducing your new perfect shot to game specific drills, situations, and movements, your body will adapt to your shot quickly.
  • Your brand new elite jump shot will transfer over to IN GAME makes and scoring.
  • By leveraging IN GAME mechanics in every drill you do in Phase 2- you'll see a near IMMEDIATE impact on your game!



  • Once you reach Phase 3- you're already a great shooter- but ILB Elite Player's don't want to just be great- they want to be the best!
  • The Mastery Phase will walk you through Elite Shooting Drills that are used by NBA Sharpshooters, NCAA Stars, and Top 10 High School Basketball Prodigies.
  • The Mastery Phase will help increase your shooting range, speed, and consistency, while developing your shot to work against ANY level of defender!



NBA Skills Trainer, Ryan Razooky is a world class basketball coach from San Diego, California. Coach Razooky is the owner of the Hoop House, where he trains 100s of players every week, from beginning players up to High School, College, and NBA Elite Players!

Coach Razooky has amassed 10s of millions of views online from his elite basketball tutorials, drills, and training workouts, and is known as the trainer high school players go to if they want to play College or Professional basketball!

ILB Elite Shooting packages Coach Razooky's complete shooting training into an easy to follow system you can do from anywhere!

Simple. If you're not a better shooter after 60 days of ILB Elite Shooting, email us and we will refund your purchase in full. If you do the work and aren't satisfied with your results for ANY REASON - we guarantee you a refund!

Using ILB Elite Shooting is 100% Risk-Free. If you do the work- rest assured knowing that your investment today is completely backed by a 60 Day Money-back Guarantee!


ILB Elite Shooting is a Digital Training Program that you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to after making your purchase.

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ILB Elite Shooting is a complete training program, and everything on this page will be instantly delivered to you through a secure online member's portal.  Once your purchase is complete- you'll receive an email instantly, with your personal login username and password, along with clear steps of entry to ILB Elite Shooting!

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.

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